We're Alicia & Emily, and we are your official cheerleaders.


As you embark on this new adventure called business ownership, we want to be there for you, every step of the way.

This voyage can feel a little lonely and overwhelming. Like you're chasing your tail, barking up the wrong tree. Any other dog analogies we can think of? No? Ok, moving on...

We were there, too, at the beginning of our journey. Reaching out to possible mentors was terrifying, and often times, had a response of crickets. 5 years later, and multiple successful businesses between the two of us, we want to get you under our wing. (Paw?) When you feel like this is just too much, and never gonna happen, we will be there to encourage you, guide you, and help you pick your next moves.

We are Wild Leaf Collaborative, because this is a wild ride, and we want to navigate it together, with you.

Is coaching and motivating new entrepreneurs the thing that lights us up? YES!

Are we quirky, and often times asked to stop laughing so loud in public? Of Course.

Do we want you to succeed in every aspect of your business, as much as we want our own? Abso-freaking-lutely.

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Launch Your Biz E-Course

This 7 Series Course walks you through every step you need to take, in bite sized pieces, in order to successfully launch your creative business. From Getting Legal to Branding, and everything in between, we help guide you through the process, every step of the way.

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About Emily + Alicia

Learning so many lessons from launching our own multiple businesses, we wanted to create a safe space for newer or "not quite there yet" entrepreneurs. Meet the ladies who are here to help.

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Work With Us

Feel like you need a little more than just an e-course? That's cool! We would love to help you on your journey to launching your business. Grab a free Discovery Call with us, and tell us about your dreams!

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7 Day Biz Bootcamp

In this FREE 7 Day course, you will get a quick rundown of the building blocks you need as the foundation of a successful business. A new building block will hit your inbox each day, getting you that much closer to eating the elephant- 1 bite at a time.

*Please note, this course is CLOSED. But you can still sign up for the next round. We will be announcing the dates in our Launch Your Biz Facebook Group.

Our blog

Want reliable, free resources to help you in your newly minted business? We're here for ya! The icing on the cake? The FREEBIES! Go, read, explore, and enjoy!

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Join our Community

Join us on Facebook, in our community, to learn with other new entrepreneurs. It's nice to have everyone on the same page in a community, so this group is only for people who have been in business for less than 3 years.