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You feel the pull don't you?  That entrepreneurial spirit that you've been keeping quiet for too long. Nothing excites you more than making money doing what you love while being your own CEO. But every time you really start to think about it, the hurdles appear.

Maybe it seems too crazy and simply unrealistic. Where would the money come from? What about the challenges? What if it fails? ARE YOU EVEN READY?

I've been there and asked all those same questions. Struggled with all those same problems. Feeling burnt out, angry, ignored and even like a failure.

BUT, I'm here to tell you that today, right now, is the best time to go forward with that business you've always had inside and I want to help.

This is Wild Leaf Collaborative. Because life is a wild ride and it's time to grow your biz!

Launch Your Biz with Wild Leaf Collab

Launch Your Biz E-Course

An online program with 7 courses featuring follow-along video lessons, downloads and expert interviews! Put in the work and you'll be a legit small biz in 7 weeks (or less!).

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Hey Wilds!

I'm Emily. I learned so much from launching my own business. That's why I wanted to create a safe space for newer or "not quite there yet" entrepreneurs. Get ready to chase your dreams and make it happen!

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Feel like your wheels are spinning and you don't know what to do next? Grab a free Discovery Call with me and tell me what's on your mind. We'll overcome your mental-block in 30 minutes!

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7 Day Biz Bootcamp

In this FREE 7 Day course, you will get a quick rundown of the building blocks you need as the foundation of a successful business. A new building block will hit your inbox each day, getting you that much closer to eating the elephant- 1 bite at a time.

*Please note, this course is CLOSED. But you can still sign up for the next round. We will be announcing the dates in our Launch Your Biz Facebook Group.

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At Wild Leaf Collab I bring you new tips, tools and tricks every Tuesday. Which means you're always getting the latest and greatest info to grow your biz.

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The Community

Join other Wilds on Facebook, in the Launch Your Biz community where you'll learn and grow with fellow new entrepreneurs. This group is exclusively for people who have been in business for 3 years or less.