Episode 001

Why Your Current Clients Aren’t Ideal

Say what?! What do you mean my clients aren’t ideal?

Watch today’s episode, but if ya just can’t swing a video, here’s the jist of our conversation:

If you’re just starting out, you’ve probably asked people to help you build a portfolio, share it online, and buy your stuff! But no… crickets. Why aren’t they sharing? Why aren’t they buying? Why don’t they LOVE me? Fear not- we have the answers!

Your first NON-ideal client is friends and family. “But how am I to build my portfolio or get the word out without them?” We’re not saying that they aren’t your biggest cheerleaders, that they don’t want you to succeed, but we are saying to keep your expectations at a minimum for them putting moola in the bank. It’s not their fault though. Remember- when your coming up with your most absolute IDEAL client, do you think “mom and cousin”? Or do you think about the lady who reallllly has a love of pets, and will pay whatever it takes for you to create a watercolor of her little chihuahua is more your speed?

The other NON-ideal client is people who participate in model calls or only buys during sales, specials, or giveaways. This is because most of these people are most likely price shopping. This isn’t to say you don’t want to reach out to them when you are running a special, so they are great to have in your back pocket, but don’t expect them to come back to pay full price for your products or services when you’re not running one. Remember, there is always an exception, so you don’t want to forget about these people all the time, but just have the expectation that you will have price shoppers and real clients. You will want to invest more time and energy into the real clients, though.


Calm down. You will need to find out who VALUES your product or service. To make this easy, we’ve created the ULTIMATE CLIENT FINDING GUIDE for you to work out the details. Grab yours here.

Next week, we talk all about how to utilize #hashtags so your ideal client can find YOU for a change! See you then!

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