Building emotional relationships with clients

Often times I see so many new creative entrepreneurs focusing on leads and sales in order to grow their businesses. But I’m telling you, building relationships with your customers is key to success.

Customers who feel emotionally invested in you are going to be more engaged with your brand. That’s because they feel like they have a relationship with you, which also means they value what you offer. Not to mention, emotionally connected clients are often your repeat clients.

These are the clients that will buy from you time and again. And to them, price is less of a deciding factor because they love you and value you. Emotional connections with clients also foster a sense of expertise for them too. Meaning they view you as an expert of your craft. And what’s more? They’re going to tell others about you! Hello referrals!

So how do you build emotional relationships with your clients? Make them feel like that belong. Like your brand is something they personally connect with because it’s different and unique. Giving them a sense of security is an excellent way to foster an emotional connection with your client too. If you have a sense of staying power and longevity, they trust that they can come back to you again and again.

It’s really about building a business that has amazingly satisfied customers. So many times, we put the focus on leads and sales that we forget there are real people connected to those leads. And that’s what’s going to create to financial growth for your business: happy, satisfied, and emotionally invested clients.

I want to encourage you to invest in your people, your clients – because one of the greatest opportunities for growth isn’t just generating new leads. It’s about serving your people the best you can. Building that authentic emotional relationship is going to lead to greater growth and customer satisfaction.

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