Business Motivation and Accountability

Ever find yourself wondering how some people are able to hit their goals time and time again? You might think they have super powers or a bottomless supply of motivation. But really, it all comes down to accountability. 

Today I’m sharing 4 ways you can stay motivated by using accountability to achieve your goals:

Be accountable to yourself. If you have no intention of following through with what you say then why even say it? Your word is one of the most important things you have, so use it to keep yourself in check. Don’t say it unless you mean it.

Make your goals public. As scary as that sounds, putting it out into the universe will encourage you to stay on track and not give up when things get hard. Knowing that people are supporting you and encouraging you is a powerful motivator.

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Track your goals. There are tons of goal setting programs and task management tools on the market to help you set, track and achieve your goals. I personally am a fan of free or low-cost options. For example, a good old fashioned chart on the wall is effective and hard to ignore. There’s apps like Trello to help you get organized and stick to due dates. Whatever you choose, just having your goals and your progression in a visible place will make you aware of how much progress, or lack of progress, you’ve made in achieving your goals. 

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player”. 

Bill Gates

1-on-1 Coaching. Coaches are available for just about any area of your life that you could need them. I offer face to face sessions to keep you on track, and hold you accountable and call you out when you are not following through. That’s why I offer 1-on-1 Coaching, so we can see each other face to face and have real, honest conversations about how you’re doing.

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So whether you’re holding yourself accountable or having others hold you to it, the best motivation will always come from being held accountable. For tips on finding motivation and setting intentional goals, download this month’s FREEBIE.

Until next time, stay Wild!


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