Does this sound like you?

You have a creative passion. You want to quit your 9-5 to be a full time entrepreneur, but you don't even know where to begin. You have creative skills, but the business sense has left you feeling overwhelmed, lost, and lonely. Your co-workers, family, and friends encourage your passion project, but when it comes to business talk, you may not get as much encouragement from them.

I've been there, too. But luckily there are people just like you, who you haven't even met yet, that can relate.

What the Wild Community stands for:

The Launch Your Biz with Wild Leaf community is goal-centered with a fun, positive spin. No pressure. No six-figure mega stars flaunting their income. No shame or judgment for wherever you're at with your biz. The focus is solely on making you a successful entrepreneur through goals and guidance. 

Emily Wild Leaf Collab Launch Your Biz

Working a 9-to-5 was never satisfying for me. Yes I was a graphic designer, using my skills but not really my talents. Not to mention the required ass-in-seat mentality, having to schedule time-off when it was convenient for others and having to leave my furbabies home alone all day - not cool.

So I left the 9-to-5 and launched my biz

Which may sound awesome, but it wasn't quick or easy. There were highs followed by months of lows. Investing so much time watching webinars that promised quick fixes and six-figure income, avoiding filing as an LLC because I convinced myself I'd mess it up (I talk all about my mishaps in my Launch Your Biz course), and of course the constant "fraud syndrome". Feeling less-than or inadequate because I was comparing myself to others who had been in business years longer than me and seemingly had perfected their craft. But after going through the trenches alone, stressed out and way behind on my to-do list, I came out the other side confident and ready to achieve all my goals.

You can start and grow your business to the point of a 2 week's notice.

Starting your business is the first step to achieving your dream.

The free Wild Community is ready to encourage, guide and lead you to chase your dream. If you're just starting out on this wild ride, or haven't even begun, I'm ready for you to join the community!