Do I need a Business Plan???

Business Plans for Creatives. Is that even a thing?

In short? No.
But, even if you don’t need to have investors lining up at your door, you should have a plan.

What should I include in a Creative Business Plan?

1. What is your why (display it somewhere so you can revisit when you’re feeling burnt out)
2. Short and long term goals: Where do you see yourself in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years?
3. Who is your target market? (Ideal client, How to find them (reference last month), and how you’ll convince them (market plan))
4. Your products/services & pricing (mention the e-course)
5. Some initial processes for workflow, and delivery. This is fluid, but good to start right away!
6. Finances: Where will your initial investment come from? Besides pay taxes, how are you going to spend the money (expenses and paying yourself!), setting financial goals.

Type it up, keep it visible, and come back to it to make adjustments. This is a fluid document, that will help keep you laser focused on your purpose, goals, and intentions. As your business grows, this document will change, and change is always a good thing!

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