Essential WordPress Plug-Ins

“There’s a plug-in for that”

When you start building your website, it can be pretty overwhelming. Then, in a quick google search “How to put a Pin It button on my WordPress Site” and BOOM! You’ve fallen down a rabbit whole of 176 plug-ins for Pinterest buttons. But why, though???

No worries! We’ve picked out our top 5 must have plug-ins for a site in today’s Episode 014: Ultimate WordPress Plug-ins.

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Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plug-Ins

  1. Yoast– This plug-in is GREAT at helping you boost (and, frankly, just understand) SEO. On each page and blog post, you can type in the keyword you think your dream client uses to search for your business, and Yoast will score the page or blog post as high level, mid level or low level SEO for that word & also give you tips on what you can do to improve that score.
  2. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP– This Google Analytics for WordPress plugin enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics stats in your WordPress install. It’s so important to know what your users are doing on your site, so you can continue to tweak it, and see where your traffic is falling off.
  3. Akismet– block spammy comments from coming through with Akismet. As your SEO grows, so does those pesky bot commenters, who may be trying to plant keywords on your site to boost their SEO, or worse. With Akismet, their algorithms will stop these spam comments in their track, and you don’t have to worry about a bunch of sales pitches for Viagra popping up in your comments.
  4. Wordfence– Don’t want your website getting hacked? Wordfence is the #1 downloaded Security Plugin for WordPress, and for good reason. Don’t want your site to be redirected to a porn site? Get your site protected. (And watch the video, because yah- we had to learn that the hard way. Listen to our horror stories.)
  5. jQuery Pin It Button for Images– There are ton out there to pick from, but this is one of our favorites, since it gives you so much flexibility and options. You can pick different Pin It buttons, design your own, decide which images will get the button, and which won’t. (Most plugins for Pin It buttons are a blanket deal- all images get the Pin It button, or none get them at all.) And let’s face it- if you’re not repinning images from your site, you’re missing out on a big opportunity of traffic.

So, there you have it! Yes, you can have more, or pick a different plugin that does the same thing, but these are what we use on our own sites, and the absolute basics needed to get started. Have a fave that we forgot? Leave it in the comments below!

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Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.

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