Meet Morgaine Trine with Honestly Bookkeeping

Knowing your finances just got a little easier

We are so excited to share our next expert interview with you! Morgaine Trine is a Financial Strategist and Bookkeeper for creatives. Her goal is to demystify the finance side of your business.

In this episode, we discuss tips on managing your finances when you have a full time job. How to save up for your big departure from your 9-5, and how to save for taxes (and why and how much)!

Knowing your finances doesn’t have to be hard, overwhelming or scary, and Morgaine tells us how.

She is also sharing her bookkeeping bootcamp with us today! The 2018 Bookkeeping Systems Boot Camp helps you create systems and workflows for your bookkeeping.  The three day video series walks you through frequently asked questions, such as how to get set up, when to get a biz bank account, how to pay yourself, when to pay attention to taxes, and all that jazz. Grab it here!

And lastly, be sure to Check her site out at, or on Insta where she spends most of her time @honestlybookkeeping.

Thank you so much, Morgaine, for taking the time to speak with us, and share those easy tips to keeping an eye on our money!

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