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Niche. Niching down. Finding your niche. How many times have you seen or heard that phrase while starting your business? Every other webinar is about it.

My first rule of thumb, if you keep hearing about it as a possible solution to your problem, it’s probably worth looking into.

So if you have in fact heard the word” niche” a million times already, you might be thinking:

  • what is a niche?
  • how do I find my niche?
  • is a niche really necessary for my success?

Now stop. Seriously stop. Answer those questions above. Can you, and with clarity? Or are you drawing a blank or giving a 1000-word answer when an elevator pitch is all you need?

Having a niche is necessary for you to start and grow your business.

What is a niche?

Well, Google’s dictionary defines a niche as an adjective that

denotes or relates to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population

And I think there’s one key word in there that we have the hardest time with… “small”. As in, not everyone. As in, we won’t make as much money because we’re ignoring possible income when we niche down.

Not true. In fact, when you really start to laser-focus on your ideal clients in your niche, you’ll become know as the expert of that specific category.

How do I find my niche?

Say you’re a photographer and you’re photographing everything and everyone who will pay you. But you’re not making nearly as much money as you want for all the hours you’re hustling and really, you don’t like photographing babies – you wish you could make a living just photographing weddings.

You can! That’s what a niche is!

“But babies are paying the bills!” you say. How many babies are you having to photograph for every one wedding you are or could be photographing?

For example, let’s say you’re charging $150 for each 2-hour baby session ***newborn photographers calm down, this is an example and most of us didn’t charge what we were truly worth when we started off anyway, so take a breath and let me finish***.

And simultaneously, let’s say you’re charging $1500 for an 8-hour wedding ***wedding photographers calm down, see previous sidenote***

That means, you’re photographing four (4!) babies for just $600 in the same amount of time you’d spend photographing one (1!) wedding for $1500.

That, my friends is why you niche down.

So you can make more money, doing what you truly love while getting paid what you truly deserve.

025 Find your niche part 1/2

Is a niche necessary for my success?

Yes. 100%. Absolutely. Definitely. Legit. Mmhmm. Yes girl.

How many other ways does it need said in order for you to believe it. Not only believe it, but do it?

Finding a niche is crucial to building and growing a successful business. The more you niche, the easier it is for you to provide value. Not only that, but your customer service will improve which means referrals will increase, and that means your income will too.

For even more great tips, check out our latest YouTube video where we talk all about this in detail! Episode 025, Part 1/2: Watch it now!

And stay tuned next week, as we dive ever further into this topic in Part 2/2: Finding Your Niche.

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Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.

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