Episode 002

Finding Clients Through #Hashtags

Hey, Wilds!

July is all about finding your ideal clients, but today’s episode is more about how your clients can find YOU!

We’re talking #Hashtags! So, if you are one of the many who use them, but have no idea why, or what they’re good for, watch episode 2, above, or just keep reading!

First, you need to know where to find your hashtags. A great place to start is Google and Instagram. Check out your competition, and see what words you see come up time and time again, and write them down. Type these keywords into Instagram’s hashtag search feature, and see what other hashtags are being used in conjunction with these. Don’t forget that if you are a location specific maker or service provider, put your location in your hashtags- stand alone and with your service (i.e. #tallahassee and #tallahasseeweddingphotographer), so you can find your local tribe!

When you’re doing your research, you are going to want to use hashtags that are somewhere in the range of 100,000-300,000 uses. See the example below. If you use one that is too common, it will be drowning in a sea of others, and something too specific may not be relatable to your clients. And be sure your using hashtags that your client would search for, nothing too jargon-y for your industry.

hashtag sample for finding clients through instagram

Once you have your list of hashtags, put them in the first comment in IG, rather than in your caption. This way, it’s cleaner in your potential client’s feed, and doesn’t look like you’re just stuffing a bunch of hashtags. You can also put it in your caption, but putting 5-7 spaces between your caption and the hashtags, but we prefer you just put them in the 1st comment.

You can use the hashtags as tags and keywords in your blog posts as well, to help you with SEO (more on that, next week).

We like to store a variety of hashtag groupings somewhere in the cloud, like Google Drive, Evernote, or just on your notes app on your phone. Where ever you keep them, make sure you aren’t using the same ones over and over. Mix it up, add a few that make your post relevant, and try new ones, or funny ones! Just keep it to 30 or less, since Instagram only allows you to post up to 30 on 1 post.

And from there, when you’re client is searching for something that you do, on Instagram, she or he will be able to track you down and hire you! Yay for having your clients find YOU this time around!

If you want even more tips and ideas on getting clients, be sure to grab your FREE Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Ideal Client.

So, until next week, Wild’s… #peaceout

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