Finding Your Why with Keneshia Raymond

Starting a business is more than marketing and advertising. It takes a purpose, finding your why. A business with a a solid “why” will attract clients naturally. So before you start marketing your business, Keneshia Raymond of Blissful Creatives recommends first “finding your why”.

I’m very excited to chat with Keneshia in this first episode in my new Launch Your Biz series: “What I Wish I’d Known”. So welcome Keneshia!

You might be thinking, “how do I find my why”? Think of yourself like a toddler. Ask yourself “why?” with every statement you make. Maybe you want to be a photographer of weddings. But why? Is it because you love love? Well, why do you love love?

It can seem like an annoying circle to walk in, but see how quickly you really get to a soulful story behind why you’re doing what you are? That’s what consumers want, especially in today’s era that we’re launching our businesses in.

Here’s some questions you can ask yourself when trying to find your why:

  • What brings you joy and makes you happy?
  • What’s something you’re naturally good at?
  • Which of your strengths adds the most value?
  • What do you want to be remembered for most?

Answering those questions for yourself, and including them in your marketing, your About Page, your social media captions, that’s what will give purpose to your business and will say to clients that you have a desire and a purpose. Once of my most favorite quotes about finding your why is:

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

Wow. Does that not give you chills? And he’s so right, the day you find out why you’re here, is the day you can start making an impact for the positive.

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For even more great tips on finding your why, like how you should make your why into a rap song, check out my interview with Keneshia. And be sure to give her some love too!

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