Getting Organized

Technology can be great, but also overwhelming

Today, we share with you our favorite tools for staying organized. Having the ability to be able to write, add photos, and publish to Insta, a blog post, or even a newsletter anywhere you are is such a huge convenience! But you have to be organized, and have your material at the ready when you are. With these tools, you can do it all, plus track your client work, and so much more!

The Tools

  1. Google Drive- We keep all of our “stuff” in Google Drive. It’s sorted by folders, and we can keep our text documents, spreadsheets, photos and videos in here. Whenever we create content for any and everything, we put it in here. That way, Alicia can write a blog post at the gym, while her daughter is in Gymnastics class.
  2. Trello- We may have been late to the Trello train, but now that we’re on it, “Choo choo!” It keeps us so organized, and keeps us up to date with what we’re working on. You can use this for client systems, too! Where do you keep your workflows? How about in an online organizational chart, where you can check off boxes, move tasks/clients from pending to done, and know that you didn’t miss a single step? Yeah, Trello does that for you.

Wait… there’s only 2? Yes! Keep it simple, so you don’t have to go all over the place finding your material. We love the simplicity of both, and use both every day of our business. If you feel like you’re struggling to find a workflow, there are tons of free Trello boards out there that you can copy and use for your own. Pinterest is a great source for that!

Do you have a favorite organization software? Share it in the comments below!

Are you ready to Launch Your Biz? We’ve compiled our most essential, short list of tools that we use to keep our business running, instead of letting our business run us! From automation, to client management, to branding, this is the ultimate list to keep your business thriving! Grab yours here!

tool kit for new business owners

Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.

Alicia + Emily

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