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Hey! We’re Alicia and Emily

We’re going to help you launch your creative business so you can leave the 9-to-5.

Between the two of us, we’ve built multiple businesses but realized the process can be confusing and overwhelming. When fellow creatives, makers and artists kept asking us for help and guidance with starting their own businesses we finally figured out the best way to help others become successful entrepreneurs and we can’t wait to show you how too!

This is where we’ll share the details of our own solopreneur experiences. Building websites, becoming an LLC, targeting niche markets, managing money and managing clients. All in one place with behind-the-scenes knowledge for turning passions into profitable small businesses with bonus interviews with our fellow successful friends in various industries.

If you’re ready to stop side-hustling and start making a living doing what you love, sign up for our free Launch Your Biz Bootcamp.

Our Story

We’ve both been entrepreneurs since 2014, when Alicia started Alicia Haskew Photography and Emily started Poppie Studios. We met at a networking group, spent a few years passing each other in the same circles until one evening Alicia made a brief side comment during a Rising Tide Society meetup about wanting to start an e-course. Emily, who had been thinking of doing the same thing, immediately turned to Alicia and said “Me too. Seriously – let’s do this!”

And Wild Leaf Collaborative was born

After spending a few years building our our businesses – picking up strategies, learning tips and tricks and all the “absolutely’s” and “definitely-not’s” along the way – we both started paying attention to how many fellow creatives had reached out to us because they were unsatisfied with the progress of their own businesses and wanted advice. Our eyes were opened to how many people knew what they wanted their lives and businesses to look like, but didn’t know how to get there.

Through Wild Leaf, we’ve created an interactive way to teach and guide other creatives everything we’ve learned so you too can successfully launch your own business. We’ve both been there, many times: confused, overwhelmed by all the information out there, suffering from analysis paralysis. It’s our intention that you’ll be able to visualize the big picture and then have the tools (and motivation!) to break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces using the tools and resources we provide you.

We live in Florida and live for sandy beaches

While we may not live in the same state as you, what we offer can easily be applied all across the country. So don’t think “those goofy girls from Florida probably can’t help me – I live in Indiana.” Good news, Emily grew up in Indiana and that’s where Poppie Studios actually started! And how many of us move, whether never or once every two years, to the neighboring town or clear across the country? Our tools and resources will guide the launch of your business regardless of where you’re located.

And speaking of sandy beaches, here are a few other things we have in common

alicia haskew wild leaf collab     emily chandler wild leaf collab

fashion high school senior photographer –              – film wedding + family photographer
outdoor apparel retailer –              – graphic designer
vegetarian –              – pescatarian
was Emily’s wedding videographer –              – designed Alicia’s branding and t-shirts
allergic to cats –              – wants all the animals
Fund Development Team Advisor for the Hang Tough Foundation –              – Marketing Committee Chair for the Animal Shelter Foundation

Here’s what your fellow creatives are saying:

“I went from feeling overwhelmed and alone to confident and prepared.”
“I can’t give enough thanks to Emily and Alicia. They showed me the way and held me accountable.”
“I’ve been in business for two years but knew I was still missing things. Important things. Taking their course made me wish I hadn’t procrastinated for so long. Everything I needed to do was easy – I was just over-complicating it.”

We already believe in you

Don’t think that we don’t. That’s why we launched Wild Leaf in the first place: because we want to see creatives, makers and artists succeed in your dreams of leaving the 9-to-5 cog and becoming successful entrepreneurs, living the life you’ve always imagined while doing what you love. It’s not some far-fetched, intangible thing. It’s very real. And you can do it.

If you want to get to know us more (and see all sides of our crazy) as well as be surrounded by peers hustling along right there with you, then join our Facebook family.

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