Creating Client Workflows

What does Client Workflow look like?

Today on the show, we talk all about client workflows. The systems we love, why you should be using one, what to consider when creating one, and how it can keep you top of mind for year’s to come.

What type of Client System should I use?

Having a good client management system and workflow from the get go can make your life easier now, and way easier down the road! Click To Tweet
Great question! There are tons of great ones out there- some are free, some are not. So, when you go out researching the best ones, keep your budget in mind, but also, keep in mind that if you already have a ton of clients to input, you may want to spring for the “Dreamy System” so that you only have to do this once.

The great thing is most of these systems have a free 30 day trial so you can give them a whirl to see what is going to be the best for you and your business. It’s not a one size fits all. Some of the more popular CRMs are:

Why use a Client Workflow?

When you’re first starting out, you’re probably putting everything in a notebook, after you print it out, and maybe keep an excel spreadsheet or something simple online. But when your business starts to pick up, you are going to want to have systems already in place, so you don’t have to spend more time working IN your business- you can be working ON your business. Transferring even 30 clients can be super time consuming, especially if this is your side hustle. So make sure you get one, and get it early!

What is included in a Client Workflow?

Below is a list of what we personally use our Client Workflow for:

  • From initial chat or inquiry to delivering product, keeping things consistent will allow you peace of mind that you are checking all the to do’s off without worrying about where you are with each individual client.
  • Deliver contracts & invoices: sending contracts and invoices electronically not only makes it easier for your client, but also makes you look high tech, and professional.
  • Celebrate birthdays & milestones! Like, years down the road! Set a reminder for years out to shout out your favorite client for her birthday or anniversary!
  • Keep notes from session and testimonials to use for blog post at a later date. You want to get testimonials when the experience is still so fresh in their mind, but maybe you don’t blog about it until their order is paid in full, which may not be for months. Get a fresh testimonial via email (in your system) and keep it tucked away until you need it!

Having a good client management system and workflow from the get go can make your life easier now, and way easier down the road! It will save you time, keep your organized, and running your biz like the badass you are. Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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