How to use SEO on your site to improve search visibility

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Today, we’re giving you the skinny (like, in the most simplest terms kind of skinny) on Search Engine Optimization. If you can’t watch the video, you can read on below. (But you’re missing out on all the hilarity!)

SEO is using text within your site to help it show higher in search results when potential clients Google your products or services. The only way Google knows what your site is about (and therefore shows it to people), is by “crawling” your site to look for words that tell it what your site is about. So, if you have the words “Portland wedding planner” multiple times in your site, Google will assume that you are a Portland wedding planner.

How to find your key words:

First, you will want to know the words to use you need to sprinkle through your site. A good way to do that is to do a little “copy stalking” on similar sites (location and industry) that rank high in Google. If you see certain words or phrases being used over and over again, chances are, you’ll want to be using these words and phrases too!

Remember when we talked about hashtags? Some of your hashtags will also convert well to keywords for your site, to help optimize it for SEO. Using things like your location, your craft, who your target market is, within your site, over and over again on different pages, is helpful to letting the “search bots” know what your site is about.

Letting your images speak for you.

Another great way to boost your SEO is filling in an image title and alt text when you upload an image on your site.

how to increase seo through image titles and alt text

The alt text is what shows when you hover over the image or if an image doesn’t load correctly, this is what is displayed instead.

But keep it classy, folks.

Don’t stuff keywords into your alt text, or other places, because Google will penalize your site. Use the words authentically and strategically. If your sentence is unreadable because of all your keywords, you’ve gone too far.

It’s not a set it and forget it strategy.

Update your site! Any time you make changes to your site, Google will re-crawl your site, which looks like you are staying relevant, in it’s eyes. It doesn’t mean you have to constantly blog or change a bunch of things. You could do something as simple as switch out some photos, or change some blog titles to reflect new keywords. You should be updating your site at a bare minimum of once a month, but ideally, making small changes weekly is best.

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