Make clients fall in love with you

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! And you know what love does? It makes people take action! So what better time than right now to love on your clients and move them to action, as in booking with you. The same concepts that make us fall in love with each other can be used for our businesses too!

Like I talked about in last week’s episode, you need to create that deep emotional connection. So if you missed it, check that out. I talked all about how clients who feel emotionally invested in you, will come back for more and will be your biggest cheerleaders.

Just like any relationship, the more you show that you add something valuable to their life, the more they’ll want you.

You also need that spark. Something that sizzles and entices. You can do this as a business by not becoming comfortable or stagnant. Always be demonstrating to old and new clients alike that you love what you do and you’re an expert at it.

If you’re loyal to your customers, they’ll be loyal to you. For your clients, when you make a promise – keep it. If something goes wrong and doesn’t meet their expectations, make it right and make sure they’re 100% satisfied. Like I mentioned last week, customer satisfaction goes along way in building healthy, emotional connections with your clients.

Make clients fall in love with you

Add in a little surprise and mystery. Have you ever been surprised with flowers or a card? Do the same for your clients! Send a “thank you” card or client gift package. I can guarantee they won’t forget it and will be talking about with friends and coworkers.

And lastly, instead of asking what’s in it for you, keep their best interests at the forefront. When you start thinking about your clients from a “how can I support you?” mindset, you’ll be amazed at how much they love you.

creating the ultimate client experience

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And until next time, stay Wild!

xoxo – Emily

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