Meet Alexandra Beauregard w/ The Productivity Zone

How to manage your time with your side hustle.

We are so excited to be able to introduce this new series, Expert Interviews! Today we want to introduce you to the Systems QUEEN, Alexandra Beauregard! She is the genius behind The Productivity Zone. Today, we hit with the heavy questions- what’s the best way to balance a 9-5, a family, a side hustle, and sanity? And guess what one of the steps is? SELF CARE! Listen as we talk all about wine, desk ice cream, and hustle, today on the WLC Show.

We not only talk about tips to creating the perfect focus workspace, but also her (short) list of must have tools. (Because less is more when it comes to being ultra productive.)

Be sure to grab your very own 3,2,1 Worksheet, from The Productivity Zone. This quick task list will keep you on track in the short period of time you have! “Because you should be attacking your workdays. Not letting your workdays attack you.” (Love this!)

And be sure to follow Alexandra on Instagram, @theproductivityzone, where she likes to hang out giving time saving tips.


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