Networking to Find Your Ideal Clients

And how not to feel like a slimy salesman.

Hey Wilds! Welcome back to another episode of the WLC Show. Today, we dig into our favorite way to find new clients- Networking!!!

Networking is just in-person marketing

We all know about marketing online, through our own Facebook and Instagram pages, but showing up outside of your own pages can be hard, if you don’t know where to look, what to look for, and what to avoid.

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Where to look

Don’t stick to the confines of your own industry.

While having a network of similar artists or makers can be fantastic for answering questions, figuring out how to handle different situations, etc. Networking outside of your industry can be a big game changer for your business. Not only are there loads of collaboration opportunities, but other entrepreneurs are more likely to hire you for your service than people within your industry.

Look onlineĀ andĀ offline

Let’s be real. We spend a lot of time on Facebook. Maybe too much time. But how often are you actually using that time on Facebook as a networking tool? There are great groups within the entrepreneurial and creative industry where you might just find your cyber biz bestie!

Some of our favorite online groups we’re in are:

But don’t forget to head out and meet people face to face! Not only can this be a great way to network, but when you get into being an entrepreneur, and you finally quit your job, it can be quite lonely behind the computer. It’s a great way to get that social interaction that you used to get at work.

Some of local networking groups to look into:

  • Tuesday’s Together (a local chapter of the Rising Tide Society)
  • BNI
  • Network of Young Professionals
  • Local guilds and associations for your industry

When you enter these groups, make sure you are using proper networking etiquette. Prepare your elevator pitch (a 10 second blurb about who you are and what you do), bring business cards, and be prepared to do a lot of listening. It’s not about going out and pimping your business, being aggressive, and doing all the taking and none of the giving. It’s about connecting with real people, listening to their needs, and seeing if you can help them in any way, even if it’s not with your service, but maybe a referral of a company you’ve worked with or a mentoring opportunity.

Be authentic

The more YOU you are, the more people will trust you and your services. Show up to these places with good intentions, and you will avoid that icky salesman feeling. As 2 professionals who have been in the industry for a long time, we can spot the sleazy sales folks from a mile away, and trust us when we say, we want to be no where near them. So just be you. It’s easier to do that than to prepare a sales pitch.

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