Road Map for Small Businesses

Hey Wilds! I’m just gonna say it… business planning doesn’t have to suck! Your goals should make you excited to wake up every day and your biz plan should be one that also helps you crush your goals.

The first step for creating a successful road map for your biz is goal setting. In episode 31 I talked about how to set goals with better intentions. And in episode 32 I talked about having accountability and motivation to help you stay faithful to your goals. So go check out those two episodes for a solid foundation for your biz road map.

Really know who your ideal client is. It’s like I’m playing on repeat! But hint, if you’re hearing it over and over and over again, maybe it’s worth hearing and acting upon. Keeping your ideal client on the forefront of your goal setting is the best way to ensure that everything you do is appealing to them. After all, our customers are the ones helping us achieve our dreams aren’t they?

Reflect on your brand. What’s working? What isn’t? Does your social media presence visually showcase your brand and appeal to your ideal client? And, dare I say, if it doesn’t reflect your brand, it’s actually okay to tweak it and make it more in line with your brand!

small biz road map for creatives | Wild Leaf Collab

Systems! I feel like Oprah – you get a system, you get a system! client management systems like Honeybook, email marketing, blogging, tracking finances, content creation. As entrepreneurs there’s a lot on our plates. So find systems that make this easier for you! The less actively involved in administrative tasks you have to be on a daily basis, the more you can focus on your client experiences and creation of your goods or services!

Be your best you! You likely left the corporate world because you wanted to be your own boss. So be the best boss to yourself that you can be! Be intentional with your biz decisions so that you can stay happy, healthy and wealthy!

And remember, nothing is set in stone. Biz road maps should be flexible and able to adjust with any bumps in the road. So revisit your goals – weekly, monthly, yearly – as your business grows and changes. Doing this will help make this your best road trip ever!

motivation for intentional goal setting

If you’re not sure where to start with setting goals or if you feel you need some motivation for getting them done, this month’s FREEBIE is perfect for you! Click here to grab your copy!

Until next time, stay Wild!

xoxo – Emily

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