Starting a Biz While Being a Mom | with Julie Goetzinger

Julie started her own business while being home full-time with her son. In two years she was able to replace her full-time teaching income with her photography income!

In this Expert Interview, Julie is sharing the strategies she used to balance being a mother to two young children while running a business at the same time. Watch Episode 026 here to get inspired and find some fuel for launching your own biz while also raising a family.

In this episode we cover things like:

  • balancing work and mom duties
  • taking care of yourself with “me time”
  • how important open and honest communication is to your success

In this super inspirational interview with Julie Goetzinger (@summermintseniors) of Summer Mint Photography we discuss the importance of taking time for yourself, balancing work and mom duties and how communication is so important to your health and success. All things, if you remember, we discussed in more detail in Episode 24 and in our corresponding blog post.

Loved what you heard in the interview and want to know how to do the same with your biz? Jump on a FREE Discovery Call with us and in 30 minutes we’ll help you create a work-mom balance perfect for your lifestyle and goals:

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