Tips for Balancing Business and Mom Duties

Do you find yourself feeling guilty when you spend time in your biz instead of with your children? Or maybe, while with your children, you feel guilty because you’re thinking about everything that needs done with your biz?

Do you worry that you’re letting precious moments with your children fly by while you’re too busy building your empire?

With more than nine million women business owners in the United States, you’re definitely not alone in your efforts to juggle owning a company and being a mom. That doesn’t mean it makes the balance any easier.

We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with clients of ours who are not only momma’s, but who are also learning how to crush it at also building their businesses. Alicia being one of them! And we’re excited to share some of their tips, and Alicia’s, with you so that you can start to worry less and live more.

Working moms are amazing jugglers.

You’re probably like most entrepreneurial moms and wouldn’t change your life for anything.

That’s not to say that you feel like you have it all figured out it though either.

Balancing mom duties and biz duties is no joke. It’s hard and it’s a constantly evolving practice as babes grow up and your life/work-schedules change too.

We’re giving you a few tips, here and in our latest YouTube episode, on how Alicia and other working moms are finding the balance that works best for them:

Try “flexible” block scheduling

Block scheduling is basically what you’re kids are doing in school. Each hour is dedicated to one specific subject. So implement this same philosophy with your biz schedule.

Here’s a sample schedule to help get you started:

  • Mom Duties: 6 – 8 am
    Kids up, ready for school, eat breakfast, off to school, daycare or playtime.
  • Biz Duties: 8 – 11 am
    Pour yourself some coffee and use this as “screen time.” That’s right, we’re told to limit how much screen time our kids get, make the same policy for you too. Only, in regards to your biz, use this “screen time” to check email, create social content, write blog posts, check online orders, etc.Anything that needs to be done on a computer, use this time to do it.

    More than likely, checking your email will help dictate what needs done the rest of the day anyway so you might as well start there.

  • Mom Duties: 11 am – 1 pm
    Assuming not all your kiddos are in school yet, this is lunchtime and playtime.Head outdoors, play games with your at-home babes and get some fresh air – stretch a little since you’ve been at your computer for the past two hours.
  • Biz Duties: 1 – 3 pm
    If you’ve got at-home kids, this can be their quiet time. Maybe read. Maybe a portion of this is their screen time too.This can be when you’re tackling off-screen duties, like packaging up products or making phone calls, prepping for tomorrow, etc.

    Try to use this time to basically finish up today’s to-do list. Because once the kids are home from school, and the husband home from work, you’re probably not going to have a lot of dedicated attention left for biz duties.

  • Mom Duties3 – 7 pm
    Picking up kids from school, or greeting them when they get dropped off. Snacks. Playtime.Making dinner and enjoying family.

    There’s a lot that happens after 5pm for working moms!

  • After 8 pm
    Once the kids are tucked into bed, you may have another hour or two to tie up loose ends with your biz duties.Don’t feel guilty about using this as you-time. Or hubby-time. You’ve been juggling raising a family and building an empire all day.

You have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of your family and your biz!

Wild Leaf Collab Episode 024 balancing biz and mom duties

Get help

It is so hard, SO hard, to ask for help when we’re constantly made to feel like we can do it all.

But it’s also difficult to succeed without a good support system. And good support systems are built on good communication.

You’re partner may also be juggling a full-time job but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you out. And vise versa.

Be clear on what you need. Figure out a chore-share list that works for both of you. And thank them when they help.

Communication, gratitude and praise go a long way.

You’ve got this.

Don’t let guilt stop you from achieving success – both in your business and as a mother.

And for even more great tips, check out our latest YouTube video, Episode 024: Watch it now!

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Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.

Alicia + Emily

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