Authentic Vs. Oversharing

Being Your Authentic Self Online

And when you’re just sharing too much!

From a business mindset, it helps to think of online authenticity as your own personal brand Click To Tweet

While social media can be a fabulous tool to connect with your audience, it can also be deadly if you don’t use it correctly. In today’s webisode, we go into what to share, what NOT to share, and how to find a balance in it all.

How to share authentically online

From a business mindset, it helps to think of online authenticity as your own personal brand

Think of it as a ‘highlight reel’ of your business

  • Sharing behind the scenes photos and videos is a great insight into what your doing.
  • Sharing what you’re working on currently, as a work in process
  • If you’re meeting a client either at your office or in a coffee shop, share it!

Share small pieces of information about yourself that anyone can relate to

  • Have pets? Share! (Who doesn’t love pictures of dogs?)
  • Maybe you have an obsession with obstacle races or cupcakes (or both!), this will help your audience connect with that

Over time, these small pieces add up and paint the larger picture of you. However, don’t use social media as your personal therapist. Putting negative vibes out on your business is always a bad idea. Which leads us to…

Oversharing. What NOT to do.

We actually saw someone post this on their page: “Met with a client today who totally doesn’t get me #theirloss.” WHAT?!

This can lead to a myriad of both personal and professional problems. Not only could your client that didn’t choose you see this, but potential clients see that you put people on blast online, and it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Just no. This doesn’t just put a bad taste in your potential clients’ mouths, but vendor relationships can suffer too!

A good rule of thumb to follow: don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to read.

So what’s the magic formula? Should I just not share?

And while a majority of us prefer to be behind the camera, sharing photos of our works of art, we also need to get out from behind the camera, in order to make those connections. So make sure you DO share about you! Just keep it reeled in.

Here is a good formula when you’re trying to plan out your content: 50% your expertise, your biz, testimonials, offers, etc. 40% fun, inspiring, engaging, etc. 10% you, your core- it’s not that much!

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Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.

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