Year End Checklist for Creatives

It’s that weird time of year again where we’re stuck between Thanksgiving Turkey coma’s, Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday deals, Giving Tuesday donations and Christmas cookie overload. So how on earth could you possibly squeeze in anything more? But don’t push off what can be done right now until the New Year. In fact, getting through this Year End Checklist for Creatives right now will help ensure this next year is your best year yet!

Year End Checklist for Creatives

I get it. There’s so much going on this time of year. Balancing holiday gatherings with your family(s), holiday parties with coworkers or fellow creatives, year end checklists at your corporate job or trying to wrap up your own year end checklist for your small biz. There’s plenty to be done!

Here’s five things any creative business can do now, before year end, to ensure you’re ready to start next year with a little stress and as much momentum as possible.

    • get in touch with your, or a, CPA
    • find last year’s tax return
    • do your bookkeeping
    • prep for 1099s
    • put away for retirement

I dive into each of these year end checklist items into detail in my latest Youtube episode. Check it out above!

Finish the year strong

As a solopreneur myself, I get and understand how hard it is to do all the things. That’s why I love my checklists! This year end checklist for creatives is the perfect tool for helping me wrap up my year with a bow on top and head into the next year on solid ground with an optimistic game plan.

Episode 028 | Year End Checklist for ceative small businesses

Once you’ve crossed off these items on this year end checklist for creatives, I bet you’ll feel more confident and ready to kickass in the new year!

For even more great tips, check out my latest YouTube video where I talk all about this in detail! Episode 028: Watch it now!

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Until next time, Wilds. Go chase those dreams! You’ve got this.


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